Great prediction for Ethereum! Sevenfold increase to $10,500

After Bitcoin Ether is the second-largest cryptocurrency that now could climb more than sevenfold to $10,500. We need to notice that it reached a record price this week. There is increased popularity in the related Ethereum blockchain for so-called decentralized finance applications. Ethereum made a network upgrade would allow it to process a similar number […]

Bitcoin is recovering from losses

Despite the fact that the price of bitcoin fell from $ 42,000 to $ 29,000 on Friday, bitcoin began to recover. Bitcoin recovered from a sharp drop overnight and hit $ 32,500 Friday morning. This Monday alone, bitcoin’s price has dropped by around 9% and has risen sharply! We know Bitcoin came under selling pressure […]

Cryptocurrency Keeps Rising Its Value

Cryptocurrency is stepping hard into the worldwide economy as its price keeps growing intensively. Bitcoin has tripled its value since December 2019. It was groundbreaking news when Bitcoin spiked, last November, to its highest price since 2017 reaching a record breaking €15,019. But after a week of cryptocurrency mania, its price plunged. Massive media explained […]